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Blinking LED Arduino Project


By Kevin O. Otiato.

Having the basic knowledge of the Proteus Professional Suite and Arduino enables one to take their projects further. Follow the following steps to start off with a simple project.

1.Create a project as shown in the snippet below in your ISIS schematic capture.

2.Launch the Arduino IDE.

3.From the File tab select examples, basics then blink. You will find a code written there for you!

Alternatively, from the File tab you can open a new sketch window(ctrl + N) to write your own code as shown below.

Notice that my output pin is 11 since the LED is also connected to pin 11 of Arduino Mega.

blinkLED sketch

void setup() {

  // this code runs once:

 pinMode(11,OUTPUT); //Sets pin 11 as the output


void loop() {

  // this code runs repeatedly:

  digitalWrite(11, HIGH);   // LED on

  delay(1000);             // delay for a second

  digitalWrite(11, LOW);   // LED off

  delay(1000);             // delay for a second


4. From the File tab select Preferences and ensure the compilation option on ‘show verbose output during:’ is checked(This helps create a .hex file). Click on OK to save the setting.

5. Proceed back to the code and click on verify.

6. Once this is done, check the compilation report and copy the .hex file i.e C:\Users\ADMIN\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_855439/led__demo.ino.hex

7. Move back to ISIS Proteus schematic capture, right click on the Arduino board you are using, select edit properties and paste the link in program file section and finally OK.

8. Run the simulation as had been shown earlier. The LED blinks at an interval of 1 second. It works!

You might see some error messages when simulating. These are majorly due to your CPU’s load at the moment of simulation.

This brief insight will help you get started. You can combine Arduino and Proteus Professional Design Suite for various applications! Drop your comments and questions via otiatokevin8@gmail.com. Let’s keep the conversation on!

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